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              About GXCME

                  Established in 1958, Guangxi Technological College of Machinery and Electricity (GXCME) is located in Nanning, the Green City of China and the capital of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, bordering beautiful Xiangsi Lake and close to Yongjiang River, the upstream of Zhu River. It is under the jurisdiction of Committee of Industry and Information Technology of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and a state-owned full-time higher vocational college built with the authorization of Ministry of Education of the P.R. of China. It is also Guangxi’s only one of the first leading higher TVET institutions designated by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance and one of the 8 emphatically cultivated higher TVET institutions in the National Exemplary Polytechnics Construction Plan.

                  GXCME occupies 776 mu, about 52 hectares (128 acres), with total floor area of more than 0.32 million square meters and fixed assets of RMB 329 million. With over 12.6 thousand full-time students at school, GXCME is the first one of its kinds in Guangxi boasting over 10 thousand full-time students.                          

                  GXCME has a teaching staff of 698 people, including part-time teachers. 90% of the staff own 2 technical titles. Among the staff are over 150 people with senior technical titles such as professor, associate professor and senior engineer, 3 teaching masters of Guangxi, 5 top winners of Guangxi’s skill contests, 8 people awarded proficient technicians of Guangxi and 3 winners of Guangxi May 1st Labor Medal. GXCME’s professional teaching teams consist of academic leaders, backbone teachers and skilful craftsmen working as part-time teachers. 4 of these teaching teams are awarded Guangxi’s Excellent Teaching Teams by the Education Department of Guangxi. GXCME has set up 4 Master Workshops consisting of proficient technicians of national or provincial level from famous enterprises.

                  Focusing on the economic development and industrial layout of Guangxi and Beibu Gulf Economic Zone,GXCME optimizes its disciplines and specialties continuously to make them competitive with unique characteristics. It now owns 11 teaching departments offering 53 specialties including 6 specialties prioritized by the plan of leading higher TVET institutions designated by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance, 2 pilot specialties approved by the Ministry of Education, 3 nationally characteristic specialties for cultivating skilled personnel of mechanical industry, 4 pilot specialties approved by the Department of Education of Guangxi, 14 quality specialties and 9 characteristic specialties of Guangxi, 21 specialties serving the opening and development of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone, 8 specialties serving the development of a new socialist countryside. Among its 16 classic courses, 1 is awarded by Ministry of Education, 14 are awarded by the Education Department of Guangxi, and 1 is awarded by the Teaching Advisor Committee of Ministry of Education. GXCME is also awarded 2 teaching achievement prizes by the Education Department of Guangxi.

                  GXCME sets up a school-enterprise cooperation council with the participation of enterprises under the government’s guidance to cooperate with enterprises in depth. It establishes teaching workshops in some cooperating enterprises while other cooperating enterprises establish manufacturing workshops in it. And besides its nearly 500 off-campus practical training bases, GXCME also builds school-enterprise cooperation workstations in Liuzhou, Yulin, Guilin and Beihai where Guangxi’s industrial clusters locate. GXCME boasts 22 on-campus technical centers featuring complete functions which are the largest and best equipped among all of the colleges of its kind in Guangxi, 101 training laboratories and 21 vocational skills appraisal centers. Of the 22 on-campus technical centers 2 are entitled national training bases, and 11 provincially exemplary training bases. GXCME owns the titles of National Training Base for Highly-Skilled Workforce of Machinery and Electricity Industry, National Pilot School for Implementing the System of Professional Qualification Certificate, National Training Base for Urgently-Needed Skilled Professionals, Leading College of National Machinery Industry, National Machinery Industry’s Excellent College of School-Enterprise Cooperation and Talent-Cultivation, Institution for the Training and Appraisal of China’s Mechanical Engineer and Top 100 Training Institutions for China’s Enterprises. It has formed a talent cultivation model characterized by alternation of working and learning, multi-term and segmentation teaching, 1+3 cooperation and college-enterprise-government cooperation.

                  In 2005, GXCNE was the first higher TVET institution of its kind in China passing the appraisal of GB/T19000 quality management system and GB/T28001 occupational safety and health management system. In accordance with the requirements of 2 systems, GXCME establishes a complete education quality monitoring and guarantee system to strengthen the process control of its education quality, security and stability, which leads to higher administration efficiency and continuous improvement of its education quality.  

                  Adhering to the principle of serving the people with satisfactory higher vocational education through human-oriented and standard management system and basing on its students’ need, GXCME deepens its educational and teaching reform to upgrade its students’ overall quality and employment competitiveness comprehensively. The awards that GXCME’s students win in varieties of international, national or provincial competitions of vocational skills in recent years ensure GXCME’s leading position among the colleges of its kind in Guangxi. The initial employment rate of GXCME’s graduates is over 90% each year, which has been taking a lead among those of the Guangxi’s colleges of its kind.

                  GXCME holds the education philosophy of “cooperation, opening and service” with a mission to serve the society. It specifically provides vocational certificate training and appraisal and various short-term training courses for the mass at home and in ASEAN countries and direct technological service for enterprises and public institutions. In addition to its cooperative relations with over 30 ASEAN learning institutions, it offers partner assistance to over 10 vocational learning institutions at home. It fully plays its role of the leading higher TVET institutions, leading the development of vocational education of Guangxi and the western regions nearby and radiating its influence to ASEAN countries.

                  GXCME owns the following titles Pilot College for Co-cultivating High-end Applied Undergraduates in Guangxi, Guangxi’s Exemplary Polytechnics, Provincial Role Model in Ethical and Cultural Progress of Guangxi, Provincially Harmonious School of Guangxi, Advanced Unit of Vocational Education in Guangxi, Outstanding Contribution Prize for Training Highly-Skilled Talents in Guangxi, Advanced Unit of Graduate Employment for Guangxi’s Colleges and Universities, Safe and Civilized Campus in Guangxi, National Role Model of the Mechanical Industry in Ethical and Cultural Progress, National Model Unit of Afforestation, Excellence for Campus Cultural Building Achievement awarded by Ministry of Education, Excellence for the Quality Appraisement of the Talent Cultivation of Higher TVET Institutions awarded by Ministry of Education.

                  GXCME has come into a new historical era for development as the State Council of the P. R. C has approved the Development Scheme of Guangxi Beibu Gulf Economic Zone. Under the guidance of its school mottoes, “To Get Bestirred and Develop Perseverance; To Integrate Theory with Practice”, GXCME’s staff pledge to make it one of the top higher vocational colleges in China by cultivating top quality highly-skilled talents with its quality education services ensured by its advanced cultivating pattern and elite teaching staff.  (Note: All the data in the material are by October, 2014)
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